Episode 6

Published on:

8th Sep 2020

The SCARF Model - Dealing with Emotional and Social Triggers

In this episode we chat with Danielle Rachlin, Certified Neurosculpting Facilitator (CNSF) about the little and big things that "set us off." Also known as emotional and social triggers, the SCARF model breaks down the reasons why we get triggered and how we can proactively prevent this in ourselves and others.

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Ideas and strategies to elevate your life through better mental and physical health.
Welcome to Higher State of Being, a bi-monthly podcast about living your best life. Co-hosts, Teddi Rachlin and Cat Coughran explore topics that we all care about, like how to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and have healthier relationships. Expert guests share their professional knowledge on each of these fascinating topics and so much more. After each episode, you will be able to access a guided meditation to develop and reinforce the techniques and strategies discussed in the episode. Visit www.HigherStateofBeing.com to find meditations and more. Each podcast, together with the associated guided meditation, will help you live your life more fully and reach your Higher State of Being.
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About your hosts

Teddi Rachlin

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Teddi Rachlin is a Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Communication Facilitator and Life Counselor with over 17 years of professional experience and a natural talent for getting straight to the root of an issue and facilitating rapid results.
With expertise in many subconscious therapeutic modalities, as well as archetypal theory, personality assessment, relationship strategies, neurolinguistic programming, and evolutionary psychology, Teddi has helped thousands of clients overcome mental and emotional challenges and live their best lives.
“I just love watching peoples’ eyes light up when they realize that they can finally stop fumbling around in the dark. It's a privilege to inspire and guide others to illuminate their own paths and live the life of their Choice!”

Cat Coughran

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Cat has been studying and practicing meditation, creative visualization, and hypnosis throughout her adult life. “My neuroplasticity is vital to my self-actualization. Consciously manifesting my best life and enabling others to do the same is my essential ambition.” In her professional life, Cat has an extensive career in marketing, media, and business development ranging from working with start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Cat has an educational background in mass communications and theatre, and a real-world business education from being a serial entrepreneur, working with business incubators and learning from highly successful mentors. Her media background includes radio DJ, producing and hosting her own network TV show, publishing lifestyle magazines and digital content, spokesperson for many organizations, and commercial voiceover work. Podcasting is the next natural media path for her to follow. “With Higher State of Being, I have a new opportunity and a new path that allows me to bring my professional expertise to help others manifest their best lives. It’s the perfect path to follow right now.”